Scientific manager: Philippe Ravassard 

Philippe Ravassard trained as a student in Biochemistry at the “Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan”. He obtained his PhD in Jacques Mallet’s laboratory as a developmental neurobiologist. He joined McGill University in Montreal for post-doctoral studies (JP Julien’s lab, 1997-98). He is leading the Biotechnology & Biotherapy team at the ICM since 2011. He obtained the “Habilitation à diriger la recherche“ (HDR) in 2014. He was first to clone in rat the transcription factor Neurogenin3 (ngn3). This factor was next identified as the key regulator of endocrine differentiation in the pancreas. 

Missions / Search projects : 

Philippe Ravassard’s team focuses on identifying and characterizing genetic components implicated in the etiopathology of Parkinson’s diseaseUsing in vitro and in vivo modeling, we aim to validate the identified coding and non-coding elements of the genome for the future development of new therapeutic strategies.




Operational manager : Stéphanie Bigou

Stéphanie BIGOU holds a Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Animal Physiology from University Montpellier II (2002). In 2005, she was recruited as an Engineer at Institut Pasteur of Paris in an INSERM unit where she participated in a project of gene therapy for a neurodegenerative disease and studied its physiopathology. In 2011 she joined the ICM in the team of Dr. Olga Corti to study Parkinson’s disease in murine and iPSc models, and she actively participated in the set up of the iPS facility. At the end of 2013 she joined the ICV-iPS platform to become its operational manager in 2015.




Clémentine RIPOLL 

Clémentine RIPOLL holds a professional license degree in Biotechnology. She has been an engineer since 2007. She first worked on the transcriptome of patients with Trisomy 21 for 4 years, then integrated the ICM on the Vectorology platform where she developed her skills in molecular biology, cloning and generation of viral vectors (lentivirus, AAVs). She joined the ICV-iPS platform in June 2022





Julian ROUSSEL holds a BTS in biotechnology (2009) and a position of engineer since 2017. He develops expertise in molecular biology(cloning, genotyping, CRISPR/Cas9), animal experimentation (mice, quails and zebrafish) and transgenesis (lentivirus in quail, transposase andCRISPR/Cas9 in zebrafish) within various fundamental research teams in a wide variety of themes: endocrinology (CNRS 2010-2014),development (Institut Pasteur 2015-2016) and neuroscience (Institut du Cerveau 2017-2022). He joined the ICV-iPS platform in September2022 to bring his CRISPR/Cas9 expertise.



Morgan DEVAUX 

Morgan DEVAUX holds a DUT option Biological and Biochemical Analysis, which he obtained in 2019 at the University Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne (UPEC). First an intern in the research team at the ICM “Causes of ALS and mechanisms of motoneuronal degeneration”, he was then recruited as an intern on the ICV-iPS platform in 2020, following which he obtained his Professional License. Since March 2021, he held a position as an assistant engineer on the ICV-iPS platform.


Weiyan PRONE

Weiyan Prone holds an engineering degree in biological engineering obtained in September 2020. She joined the ICV-iPS platform in May 2021 as an engineer for an 18 months contract at the end of which her position was perpetuated.