cell culture - celis


Cell culture is a set of biology techniques used to grow cells outside their organism (ex-vivo) or their original environment, for the purpose of scientific experimentation.

The CELIS core facility of the Paris Brain Institute has all the equipment and techniques required for the culture of primary “healthy” cells taken freshly from an organism, the culture of cell lines with a non-dividing capacity as well as organ slices.

Mycoplasma test

uminometer LUCETTA from LONZAMycoplasma Detection is carried out with the kit MycoAlert™ Mycoplasma Detection and the luminometer LUCETTA from LONZA.

Result in 24h.

Primary culture:

  • Microglie
  • Astrocytes
  • Neurons (striatal E14, cortex E13.5…)Microglie Astrocytes Neurons (striatal E14, cortex)

Culture of cell lines:

  • Culture of cell linesThawing, expanding, freezing.
  • Cell transfection: Lipofectamine, Nucleofector.
  • Lentiviral infection
  • Immunocytochemistry


Culture cellulaire


  • User training on equipment for stand-alone use and scientific/technical assistance on demand.
  • Training of students: Basics of cell culture/ On a given protocol

training cell culture

Workstation rental

Fully equipped culture boxes dedicated in L2 confinement:

  • Biological safety station (Hood Type II)
  • CO2 incubator
  • Cell culture small equipment (pipettes, pump, racks….)
  • Dedicated temperature-controlled space (+4,-20,-80°C)
  • Bench and space to stock
  • Access to a large stock of plastic and biological consumable
  • Access to common equipment and room (dark rooms for imaging operations, shared spaces for small equipment (centrifuge, water bath, scale) as well as large dissection rooms).


It’s possible to rent just one work station or or more and therefore to have a complete dedicated box.