The Vectorology core facility produces batches of highly concentrated (109 TU / mL average) lentiviral gene transfer vectors of controlled quality at small and large scale. The laboratory staff has developed an important collection of lentiviral expression backbones ready to accept any gene of interest in order to provide the best solution for every in vitro or in vivo application encompassing basic research, gene therapy, cellular therapy and vaccine. The BSL2 and BSL3 confined zones allow to satisfy every demand of viral production. The close collaboration between iVector and the biotechnology & biotherapy team ensures the constant evolution of gene transfer technologies. iVector is part of the ICM core facility network (genotyping, histology, microscopy, cellular culture…) which facilitates translational research projects.


The iVector platform is specialized in the manufacture of viral vectors for gene transfer. We put our expertise and experience at your disposal to best respond to all types of applications (in vitro or in vivo) encompassing basic research, gene therapy and cell therapy. Our expertise and infrastructure (BSL2 and BSL3) allow us to produce highly concentrated lentiviral vectors and AAVs to meet all types of needs.

The activities of the Vectorology platform have been certified since 2015 regarding the ISO9001 standard (out of equipments provision activity), allowing to guarantee the traceability, the reliability and the rigour of the implemented procedures.